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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Spudz In The Mud

Finally! It's time to get some food growing! Potatoes aren't normally the first thing that goes into a veg plot, but I wont be around for the later part of summer so need to get my 'first earlies' in ASAP. My spuds have been chitting for about 2 weeks and have good green/purple shoots ranging from an inch to 3 inches long. This weekend I made a few furrows in Vegeton Upon Trickle and buried 2 rows of six potatoes. In the past this variety have produced about 6-8 potatoes per plant so I'm going to need a few good spud recipes come early summer!

Also popping up are my beetroot, radishes and rocket. I had an amazing salad on saturday made entirely from home grown rocket, poly-cress, and beetroot leaves. Roll on summer!


The Ample Cook said...

That salad sounds wonderful. Nothing like picking stuff fresh is there? My sister has a allotment and yesterday she brought round purple sprouting broccoli, the last of her parsnips and some rhubarb. We had a really good Sunday lunch!

Good luck with the growing!

alyson. said...

hi Richard! what a nice blog you have. I love the photos and I will have to try your recipes for sure!

and yes! please feel free to post about my ravioli! it was truly delicious.